Hannover Award


The Hubertus Hannover Trophy was presented to the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Oregon by Kurt and Greta Biester.  Kurt Biester is a GSP judge and member of the Hubertus Hannover Chapter of the Klub Deutsch Kurzhaar.  The award was left in Barbara and Denny Smith’s care during the Beister’s visit to the May 1988 National Specialty Show.

There were actually two trophies presented.  The second trophy was given to the number one Field Trial GSP of 1988 in the United States to keep permanently.  These two trophies are the only two presented outside of Germany prior to 1988.

In German the Hubertus Hannover Club presents similar trophies to a German Shorthaired Pointer for its accomplishments in the field.  The trophy is given to encourage continued development of the dog, with smaller plaques given for additional field tests successfully completed.  A German Dog must pass the Derby test (a field test for young dogs consisting of natural ability and conformation) and be judged good, very good, or excellent in conformation to be awarded the trophy.  Only one trophy may be won per dog.  In the case of no dogs passing the test, no trophy would be awarded.

On the back of an envelope, addressed from Kurt Biester and kept in the GSPCO President’s Book, is written the following:

1.                  Photo of formal presentation

2.                  Name of person and dog

3.                  Photo of dog if possible


1.                  Must be a field dog–top dog of the year in Field Trial, NAVHDA, Hunting Test, NSTR, AKC or AF.

After receiving this award the GSPC of Oregon sent up some guidelines for the Hubertus Hannover award.  The first rules were published in the GSPCO Newsletter dated September 1988 stating that the Hubertus Hannover Trophy is to be a perpetual challenge trophy which will be awarded to the top performing field dog of year each December at the Club’s annual Christmas Party.

Club members wishing to nominate a GSP must submit a list of the dog’s accomplishments, e.g. placements in field trials, hunting tests, NAVHDA, NSTR , etc. and any show placements for the year.  The year is to run from October to October.  Applications are to be received by the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Oregon by November 1 st.  The Club’s Board Members are to review all applicants and to submit the top 3-4 dogs to all Club members to vote on by mail.

At a meeting of the Hubertus Hannover Trophy Committee in January 1993, the Committee adopted rules and guidelines to aid future committees in making their decisions.  These rules were presented to the Board of Directors and approved by a majority vote on March 2, 1994. Presented to the club membership and approved by a majority vote on March 20, 1994.  It was further decided at the March 20, 1994 meeting that because of the delay in approval the trophy for 1993 would still be awarded according to the rules but with an extension of date.

At the August 17, 1995 monthly meeting of the Club the guidelines were again revised so that the voting was done at a meeting and not via the mail.  At the October 1995 meeting it was approved that a silver belt buckle would accompany the rotating perpetual challenge trophy.

In June of 1998 a committee was appointed to review the rules and guidelines for the award.  Some slight changes in language were proposed at the November 19, 1998 monthly meeting and voted on at the annual Christmas Party December 11, 1998.  It was further decided that the history and actual rules be separated for ease of clarification.

The Trophy: The Hubertues Hannover Trophy, presented to the German Shorthaired Pointer Club of Oregon by Kurt and Greta Beister of Germany, is a perpetual trophy to be awarded by the club to a top performing field dog of the year owned by a club member.  Accompanying the Hubertus Hannover Trophy will be a club Silver Belt Buckle Trophy which the owner of the award winning dog may keep.  The buckle will be engraved with the name of the award.

Purpose of the Award: To recognize and honor a German Shorthaired Pointer who has excelled in the field and to encourage continued development of the breed.   The award-winning dog must have good conformation as judged by the Hubertus Hannover Award Committee or their designee.  Show placements may be considered as evidence of conformation, but the dog is not required to have a show record.  The dog must have significant accomplishments in the field in the year of the award, but the entire record of the dog will be considered.

Procedure: Club members wishing to nominate a GSP must submit a list of the dog’s career accomplishments, e.g. placements in field trials, hunting tests, NAVHDA, NSTR, AKC, AF etc. and show placements.  The previous years’ record is important, but the entire record may be submitted.  Applications are to be received by the GSPC of Oregon by November 1 st.  A committee of three shall be appointed annually by the President, to review the applications and recommend a candidate to the membership, who shall vote at the December meeting.


1. The Dog must be a GSP

2. All owners must be members of the GSPC of Oregon.

3. The dog must have good conformation, without any disqualifying faults, as judged by the committee. (either by adequate photograph or by inspection)

4. Placements can be from any nationally recognized organization, such as AKC, NSGPA, NAVHDA, NSTR, AmF, or etc.

5. The dog must pass a water test, e.g. , NAVHDA Natural Ability Test (with a score of 2 or better in water work), or an AKC  Water Test.  Alternatively, a dog may be tested  by at least two members of the committee using the rules of a NAVHDA Natural Ability Test for Water or AKC approved Water Test for Pointing Breeds.

6. If two dogs are equal in field work, then show placements will determine the winner.

7. If applicants are not worthy, the trophy may be withheld for the year.

8. The only dogs considered are those submitted in writing with supporting data prior to

the November 1 st. deadline, nominated from the floor prior to November 1 st with supporting data, or chosen by the Committee with supporting data.

9. The award ideally will be presented at the January awards dinner and meeting.  If the

owner is unable to attend the award will be announced and presented at a later date.

Submitted and approved on December 11, 1998.

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